8 tips and tricks for heat pressing


  1. Always read and follow the application instructions for each material.
  2. To ensure quality application, pre-heat your garment to remove moisture and wrinkles.
  3. After Heat pressing your garment peel your carrier sheet off at a 45* angle in a fluid motion.
  4. Always use a teflon cover sheet when using your heat press.
  5. To easily slide garments on and off of a press, wrap a bottom teflon slip cover on the bottom platen to make heat applying faster and easier.
  6. Use heat transfer tape to align your shirts up in advance rather than doing it on the heat press.
  7. For Heat pressing on around zippers, buttons, and pockets use a heat transfer pillow. This will allow the press to transfer the image without making contact with the zipper or buttons.
  8. Never plug your heat press into a surge protector. Surge protectors are not made to support the needed power to properly heat your press. If a surge protector is used it can cause your heat press to actually overheat and cause internal problems with the press.

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