Screen Printing Classes in Los Angeles: Establishing Your Art

Creating your artwork can be a confusing project for someone new to the screen printing industry; good news is McLogan’s Supply Academy Screen Printing 101 Classes have you covered. Take your ideas and turn them into a screen printed design. Screen Printing Classes 101 will teach you all the steps needed and what programs to use, so that you will work your way toward screen printing your artwork. Screen printers create their artwork into one of two main categories: Vector Art or a Raster Image.Vector Art:Vector Art is the most common artwork used for spot color printing, where you are printing solid forms of color to create a design. With this type of printing you aren’t dealing with halftones, blending colors, you are literally just working with a single stamp of color. Spot color includes most logos (green Starbucks logo), fonts, and vector artwork. These types of designs can be made in CorelDRAW, Adobe Freehand, and Adobe Illustrator. You will also have the ability to adjust the size, and color to the whole artwork without it changing your design.

Vector Image:
Vector Image

Raster Image:

A Raster image is much more pictorial than a Vector image. It’s full of color (pixels), halftones, and is printed by a four color process. These images are usually JPEG, GIF, TIFF and BMP. Adobe Photoshop and Coral PHOTO-PAINT are the programs best for designing these images.

Raster Image

Click HERE to sign up for our next McLogan Academy Screen Printing 101 classes and gain knowledge with these main design options, and programs. Classes will also teach you about four color process, simulated process, clip art, etc. We look forward to seeing you!

Screen Printing Class 101: Films

Films are another topic covered in McLogan’s Academy Screen Printing 101 ClassesFor great washout results you need to have a film positive that blocks out 100%  UV from the exposure source. Inkjet printers are your best bet for inkjet film, since the printer will spray the ink onto your film as dense as need be for a clear image. We suggest using a dye-based ink for your printer since it tends to be impenetrable. The Epson 1430 is the most affordable printer made and they also sell all black ink cartridge system that will help your positive be even darker.
Let’s Talk Films

Waterproof: Waterproof film is the most commonly used film in the industry. It is a 4m film that is highly absorbent, allowing the film to really absorb the ink ensuring for a dark image. Its medium weight combined with a wide color gamut makes this the perfect choice for color separations.

Standard Inkjet: Inkjet film can be used for some of the older printers. This film is more affordable, but for some of the people newer to screen printing it is harder to get a dark image.

Laser Film: Just for laser printers. It’s thick and made to resist heat.

screen printing film

The cleaner, and darker your positive the easier the rest of your screen printing process will be when washing out the image. If 100% of the UV is not blocked out then you will deal with over exposure and you’ll have to use a pressure washer to clean off the emulsion.

Come take McLogan’s Academy Screen Printing 101 and learn all the expert tricks to turn your dreams into a brand.

Stahls Laser Alignment System

We love a new product that makes heat pressing t-shirts faster, and easier!

Throwing out crooked, heat pressed t-shirts is a thing of the past. Let us introduce you to Stahls Laser Alignment System. It only takes a few minutes to assemble this 4 independently positional laser gadget that will help you accurately line up your artwork for all your heat pressing jobs. This system can be set up on any stable surface and you can position the 4 lasers separately, in a ton of different dimensions to ensure that your design is centered, even and accurate. This product works on any type of heat press or flat work space.

The basic use of this laser would be to have it used while you line up your t-shirt on the press. Once your t-shirt is lined up, place your heat transfer on the t-shirt using the lasers for correct placement and then heat press.

An alternative way to use this laser would be to setup a flat work space, and align the lasers as needed. Lay your shirt flat, with the help of the lasers place your heat transfer down and use heat resistant tape to secure the transfer. Repeat as needed on all the shirts you plan on making. Then just slide your shirt on to the press, heat press and you’re done.

The Laser Alignment Wizard comes with your purchase to further help you position and line up the lasers accurately based on your transfer size and shape. This wizard is a template that folds out and is placed directly onto your platen. Line up the lasers with the lines on the Alignment Wizard to help with all different types of transfers (center, left chest, right chest placement, etc.)

Stahls Laser Alignment System

Stahls STX 16×16 Heat Press with the Laser Alignment

Click here to order today and leave crooked heat transfers in the past.

The Ultimate Clean Up Card | Screen Printing

No Mess with the Ultimate Clean Up Cards

The Ultimate Clean Up Cards. No Mess, A Clean Scraper.

The Ultimate Clean Up Card is a great product to add to your screen printing shop. We have been selling these like crazy and after using them at McLogans we are hooked! This is a product that all screen printers will love.

The Ultimate Clean Up Cards are thick, plastic coated, and chemical resistant. Use them as a scooper, or scraper then dispose of them. Yep, just toss them in the trash saving you tons of time on clean up. What we liked best was that we conserved more ink and then were able to print more shirts.

The Ultimate Clean Up Card Can Scrape Corners and Angles

Ultimate Clean Up Card. Gets Around the Corner.

Check out the folding option so that they fit perfectly into a scoop coater.

The Ultimate Clean Up Card Scrapes 


The Ultimate Clean Up Card Scrapes Squeegees

Scrape Your Squeegee with the Ultimate Clean Up Card


Clean your squeegee in one simple swipe and use the remaining ink for the next job.







Clear Lines with The Ultimate Clean Up Card

Use the cards to glide on adhesive and block-out.


Buy a box of 400 cards, a case of 1500 or a master case of 6000.


Take a break from your traditional scrapers and see why this really is the Ultimate clean up tool!

McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kits

Screen Printing Starter Kit

The McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kit is finally here! We’ve been working hard the past few months on getting these amazing kits ready and we can’t wait to share them with you. Whether you are wanting to start your own screen printing business, or looking to print a few shirts as a hobby; this is the best universal kit for everyone. McLogan has hand picked all of our top selling, reliable, eco-friendly products and equipment and placed them into one kit. We’ve designed the perfect start up shop from a one color professional screen printing press, mesh wood screen, all the chemicals needed, tools, bulbs, instructional manual, and a DVD.

Screen Shot of The McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kit

What’s Inside The McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kit Box:

  • 1-One Color Professional Screen Printing Press 
  • 1-19×22 160 Mesh Wood Screen – A larger screen than seen in other kits, so you can screen print larger images
  • 1-Tekamar TBHV Pallet Adhesive With Applicator
  • 10-Mclogan Waterproof Film 8.5×11 – To print on your ink jet printer for your film positive
  • 1-14″ Emusion Scoop Coater – To evenly apply a perfect coat of emulsion
  • 1-8oz Chromatech WR Emulsion
  • 1-13″ Squeegee
  • 1-8oz Franmar Degeaser – For cleaning screens
  • 1-8oz Franmar Emulsion Remover
  • 2-Scrub Pads
  • 1-8oz Matsui Black Ink – Top brand ink to ensure that you get the best print possible
  • 10-Ultimate Clean Up Cards – Disposable cards for scraping and scooping, making your job so much easier
  • 1-Darkroom Light Safe Bulb
  • 1-Screen Exposure Bulb
  • 1-Instruction Manual – Step-by-step manual that explains how to set up, create, expose and print your first shirt
  • 1-Instructional DVD

We look forward to introducing screen printing to you! The McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kit will make all the steps along the way so easy.  Create your own brand, have some fun and start making money through screen printing.

Screen Shot of The McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kit box

McLogan at the Imprinted Sportswear Show: It’s the ISS Show Long Beach 2016

McLogan will be at the Imprinted Sportswear Show 2016 in Long Beach, CA

The next Imprinted Sportswear Show (ISS Show) is almost here!

January 22-24th, 2016, Long Beach, CA; visit McLogan’s booth #465.

We are so excited to debut all this at the show:

  • New Screen Printing Starter Kit; All-in-one starter kit can teach anyone how to screen print. Best news is everything you need to print comes in one box!
  • Monthly Screen Printing Classes; Learn how to screen print, with hands on, interactive lessons, led by Ross Hunter in our new education room. Artwork, burning a screen, printing and what not to do, so that you can run a thriving business.
  • Thermotron Heat Presses; The most affordable heat press on the market. Come see why we have been selling these machines like crazy!
  • Live screen printing of Permaset Waterbased inks on Friday;
  • Screen printing with International Coatings Plastisol inks on Saturday;
  • NFL Football game on Sunday at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Come to the ISS show to see why we pride ourselves in having the most personal, and knowledgeable staff to help you with your new or current business. Our business is a success, because of all of you; so come chat with us and see all the new products we have to offer. See you at ISS!



Catalysts for Screen Printing

International Coatings 900 Catalyst Additive is the best additive for screen printing on nylon and harder to adhere to fabrics. There’s also the option to use nylon ink from International Coatings, but you be left with a stiffer print that doesn’t always adhere properly. The 900 Catalyst additive is easy to use on all your nylon needs, but here are some unexpected ways that you can use a catalyst in some of your daily screen prints.

  • Add a catalyst to help your inks adhere to your garments, other than just nylon.  Think leather, vinyl substrates, and darker fabrics.  When printing with darker fabrics, adding a catalyst to your darker plastisol inks will help maintain a smooth print, even after many washes. Always do a test print on the material being used and remember that it needs to withstand 320 degrees F to cure the ink.
  • Catalysts can also be added to flock adhesive to help the flock stick to the fabric.
  • Foil 3801 added with the catalyst will help the foil stick as well.

Just remember that once a catalyst is mixed in with the plastisol ink, the ink has a pot life of about six to eight hours. Be sure to only mix enough ink to use on the screen print job. We suggest mixing the plastisol and catalyst needed from morning until break time, from break time until lunch, and then do the same in the afternoon. A catalyst is viable as long as it is pour-able. When it is cold, it pours out slower, which is fine. As long as you can still pour it out then it is of good use. If the catalyst is crystallized and hardened, it’s no longer usable. Good luck on your future use to this catalyst.  We are proud to sell International Coatings Products and know that the use of this product will change the way you work.

If you have any specific questions, give us a call!


Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 6.23.29 PM


Correctly Drying Emulsions

Some screen printers may not fully understand the importance of correctly drying the emulsions before exposure. This mainly effects the longevity of your stencil. It can be a bit confusing with dual cure and single cure diazo, so read below and start curing correctly.

  1. Degrease your screen, coat your screen and then allow it to dry horizontally with the print facing down. In any direct stencil work, prior to exposure, the diazo sensitizer is separate from the polymer chains.
  2. During exposure the diazo sensitizer creates cross bonds to the polymer chains and the emulsion gets it to strengthen.
  3. The screen must be completely dry before you expose it, otherwise the sensitizer will react with the water molecules rather than the polymer. The sensitizer will seem to get used up either way, you just want it to be used reacting with the polymer and not water.
  4. The increase of water will be hard on the stencil as well causing it to break down faster.

If you have any other questions please feel free to call 1-800-Mclogan

5 Must-Have Tools for Sign Makers

Here are the top 5 must-have tools for your sign shop:

  1. The Big Blue Safety Ruler maximizes straight cutting with minimal effort.  Chip resistant, non-slip, smudge proof and a finger guard makes this the best safety ruler.
  2. Pro-Roll Tape Applicators allow for better control and use of application/transfer tape. The applicators come in 3 different sizes, so now you can apply your transfer tape with only one person.  Making your job easier and more efficient.
  3. Knifeless Tech Tape will cut like a plotter, have a slight stretch to adjust to curves or great for straight lines for pin-striping. There’s no preheating of vinyl or knifes required. Just break the tape with your hands and pull up. Such a time saver!
  4. Xtreme Cutting Mats is a counter sealing top mat that is super durable, solvent proof and helps to lengthen the life of your cutting knife.
  5. Wetedge Squeegee is the only squeegee made to be used wet. Slides over vinyl easily, ensuring a smooth, scratch free finish. It can also be used without water if you’d prefer.

May the addition of these tools save you time and become your favorite sign tools in your shop! If you have any question feel free to call us. We love hearing from you!

International Coatings Plastisol Whites

Screen printers rely on a range of high quality white plastisols, but someone newer to the industry might be confused as to which white will work best for their job. McLogan Supply offers 6 different white plastisols from International Coatings that are incredibly reliable and easy to screen print with. Here are the different plastisol whites for screen printers and what they specialize in achieving:

  • Performance Pro White #7113 is the newest white plastisol out. It was developed for 100% polyester garments. This white is bleed resistant and has amazing stretching properties. The texture is creamy which will allow screen printers to use mesh counts up to 305. This ink cures at 285-300 degrees F.  This is one of the most versatile, fast flashing and durable inks that we carry at McLogan.
  • Polyester White #741 designed to block dye migration on various polyester fabrics. This ink is multi-purposeful since it can also be used to screen print on 100% cotton, cotton/polyester, and 100% polyester. The ideal mesh count is from 60-110 and the curing temperature is 325 degrees F.
  • Classic White #711 is one of the most popular plastisol (thermoplastic: PVC) inks. It is non-phthalate, high pigmentation, low tack and it also flashes quickly. Classic white will work on most basic fabrics and the suitable mesh counts range from 60-230.  The curing temperature is 325 degrees F. This ink is not recommended for reducing.
  • Legacy White #7014 an exceptional white plastisol that is low bleed, high pigmentation, fast flashing, low tack, and non-phthalate. This ink works best for manual and automatic presses since the ink is a smooth consistency. Screen mesh count from 60-230, and the cure temp is 325 degrees F.
  • Ultra White #7031 is the perfect ink for high performance printing. It differs from the other inks in that it is short bodied and very opaque. It works very well as an initial print for darker fabrics. This ink was designed for fine detail printing, halftone printing, and for higher definition prints. Works well on 100% cotton and 50/50 blends. Screen mesh is anywhere from 110-305, with a curing temperature of 325 degrees F.
  • Cotton White #7038HP is the ink for 100% cotton textile wear. It is one of the easiest inks to print with and is phthalate compliant. The curing temperature is 325 degrees F.
  • International Coatings’™ new 3822 Destructo™ White special effects ink is also available.
  • Interested in High Density Specialty Plastisol inks work with Screen Printing?

Hopefully this helps you purchase the white plastisol that is the best for your job.  Please call or write us today if you have additional questions!