McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kits

Screen Printing Starter Kit

The McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kit is finally here! We’ve been working hard the past few months on getting these amazing kits ready and we can’t wait to share them with you. Whether you are wanting to start your own screen printing business, or looking to print a few shirts as a hobby; this is the best universal kit for everyone. McLogan has hand picked all of our top selling, reliable, eco-friendly products and equipment and placed them into one kit. We’ve designed the perfect start up shop from a one color professional screen printing press, mesh wood screen, all the chemicals needed, tools, bulbs, instructional manual, and a DVD.

Screen Shot of The McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kit

What’s Inside The McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kit Box:

  • 1-One Color Professional Screen Printing Press 
  • 1-19×22 160 Mesh Wood Screen – A larger screen than seen in other kits, so you can screen print larger images
  • 1-Tekamar TBHV Pallet Adhesive With Applicator
  • 10-Mclogan Waterproof Film 8.5×11 – To print on your ink jet printer for your film positive
  • 1-14″ Emusion Scoop Coater – To evenly apply a perfect coat of emulsion
  • 1-8oz Chromatech WR Emulsion
  • 1-13″ Squeegee
  • 1-8oz Franmar Degeaser – For cleaning screens
  • 1-8oz Franmar Emulsion Remover
  • 2-Scrub Pads
  • 1-8oz Matsui Black Ink – Top brand ink to ensure that you get the best print possible
  • 10-Ultimate Clean Up Cards – Disposable cards for scraping and scooping, making your job so much easier
  • 1-Darkroom Light Safe Bulb
  • 1-Screen Exposure Bulb
  • 1-Instruction Manual – Step-by-step manual that explains how to set up, create, expose and print your first shirt
  • 1-Instructional DVD

We look forward to introducing screen printing to you! The McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kit will make all the steps along the way so easy.  Create your own brand, have some fun and start making money through screen printing.

Screen Shot of The McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kit box

McLogan at the Imprinted Sportswear Show: It’s the ISS Show Long Beach 2016

McLogan will be at the Imprinted Sportswear Show 2016 in Long Beach, CA

The next Imprinted Sportswear Show (ISS Show) is almost here!

January 22-24th, 2016, Long Beach, CA; visit McLogan’s booth #465.

We are so excited to debut all this at the show:

  • New Screen Printing Starter Kit; All-in-one starter kit can teach anyone how to screen print. Best news is everything you need to print comes in one box!
  • Monthly Screen Printing Classes; Learn how to screen print, with hands on, interactive lessons, led by Ross Hunter in our new education room. Artwork, burning a screen, printing and what not to do, so that you can run a thriving business.
  • Thermotron Heat Presses; The most affordable heat press on the market. Come see why we have been selling these machines like crazy!
  • Live screen printing of Permaset Waterbased inks on Friday;
  • Screen printing with International Coatings Plastisol inks on Saturday;
  • NFL Football game on Sunday at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Come to the ISS show to see why we pride ourselves in having the most personal, and knowledgeable staff to help you with your new or current business. Our business is a success, because of all of you; so come chat with us and see all the new products we have to offer. See you at ISS!



5 Must-Have Tools for Sign Makers

Here are the top 5 must-have tools for your sign shop:

  1. The Big Blue Safety Ruler maximizes straight cutting with minimal effort.  Chip resistant, non-slip, smudge proof and a finger guard makes this the best safety ruler.
  2. Pro-Roll Tape Applicators allow for better control and use of application/transfer tape. The applicators come in 3 different sizes, so now you can apply your transfer tape with only one person.  Making your job easier and more efficient.
  3. Knifeless Tech Tape will cut like a plotter, have a slight stretch to adjust to curves or great for straight lines for pin-striping. There’s no preheating of vinyl or knifes required. Just break the tape with your hands and pull up. Such a time saver!
  4. Xtreme Cutting Mats is a counter sealing top mat that is super durable, solvent proof and helps to lengthen the life of your cutting knife.
  5. Wetedge Squeegee is the only squeegee made to be used wet. Slides over vinyl easily, ensuring a smooth, scratch free finish. It can also be used without water if you’d prefer.

May the addition of these tools save you time and become your favorite sign tools in your shop! If you have any question feel free to call us. We love hearing from you!

International Coatings Plastisol Whites

Screen printers rely on a range of high quality white plastisols, but someone newer to the industry might be confused as to which white will work best for their job. McLogan Supply offers 6 different white plastisols from International Coatings that are incredibly reliable and easy to screen print with. Here are the different plastisol whites for screen printers and what they specialize in achieving:

  • Performance Pro White #7113 is the newest white plastisol out. It was developed for 100% polyester garments. This white is bleed resistant and has amazing stretching properties. The texture is creamy which will allow screen printers to use mesh counts up to 305. This ink cures at 285-300 degrees F.  This is one of the most versatile, fast flashing and durable inks that we carry at McLogan.
  • Polyester White #741 designed to block dye migration on various polyester fabrics. This ink is multi-purposeful since it can also be used to screen print on 100% cotton, cotton/polyester, and 100% polyester. The ideal mesh count is from 60-110 and the curing temperature is 325 degrees F.
  • Classic White #711 is one of the most popular plastisol (thermoplastic: PVC) inks. It is non-phthalate, high pigmentation, low tack and it also flashes quickly. Classic white will work on most basic fabrics and the suitable mesh counts range from 60-230.  The curing temperature is 325 degrees F. This ink is not recommended for reducing.
  • Legacy White #7014 an exceptional white plastisol that is low bleed, high pigmentation, fast flashing, low tack, and non-phthalate. This ink works best for manual and automatic presses since the ink is a smooth consistency. Screen mesh count from 60-230, and the cure temp is 325 degrees F.
  • Ultra White #7031 is the perfect ink for high performance printing. It differs from the other inks in that it is short bodied and very opaque. It works very well as an initial print for darker fabrics. This ink was designed for fine detail printing, halftone printing, and for higher definition prints. Works well on 100% cotton and 50/50 blends. Screen mesh is anywhere from 110-305, with a curing temperature of 325 degrees F.
  • Cotton White #7038HP is the ink for 100% cotton textile wear. It is one of the easiest inks to print with and is phthalate compliant. The curing temperature is 325 degrees F.
  • International Coatings’™ new 3822 Destructo™ White special effects ink is also available.
  • Interested in High Density Specialty Plastisol inks work with Screen Printing?

Hopefully this helps you purchase the white plastisol that is the best for your job.  Please call or write us today if you have additional questions!

Top 10 Reasons to Ppurchase a Stahls’ Hotronix Heat Press

Why Hotronix?

Top 10 reasons to purchase a Stahls’ Hotronix heat press.

1. It’s What We Do

Stahls’ Hotronix is part of a family of companies which invented heat printing. Since 1932, Stahls’ has been providing the entire heat printing system. From transfers, to pre-cuts, to stock art, heat transfer vinyl and equipment—we manufacture and support everything you need for your imprinting business.

2. Cutting Edge Research and Development

We listen to our customers and continually develop the industry’s most innovative features, centered around accuracy, ease of use, and overall operator ergonomics.

3. World-Class Manufacturing

CNC turning centers, laser cutting, robotic welding, and automated powder coat lines ensure quality and consistency in every heat press assembled.

4. Blue Ribbon Support

As an original purchaser of a Hotronix® heat press you are awarded free technical support as long as you own your equipment. With over 100 years of technical knowledge and experience, our techs are at your service 24/7/365!

5. Made With Pride in the USA

We employ a well-balanced staff of assembly technicians, certified welders & machinists, mechanical engineers, and customer service specialists, all of whom take pride in manufacturing each unit in Carmichaels, PA. The majority of our employees have 20-plus years of service.

6. Worldwide Distribution

We warehouse final products, ready for shipment worldwide. With over one million dollars in equipment inventory, we drop ship our dealer and customer orders same day for no extra fee.

7. The Right Tool for the Job

Our full product line offers solutions for any and all heat printing applications. From swingers and clamshell styles to draw presses and caps, we have a well-balanced selection across a price range that will suit anyone from hobbyists to commercial factories.

8. Certifications

Our equipment comes with UL, ULC, and CE certifications, giving our product the stamp of approval from these independent agencies and ensuring our heat presses are compliant with worldwide safety standards.

9. Custom Capabilities

We will work with you to come up with a design to create a custom platen to accomplish any job. Heat print umbrellas, shoes, any size garment, can koozies, golf club covers, corporate bags, and much more. With such a wide range of possibilities, you can say “yes” to any job!

10. Join The Family

How To Use a Manual T-Shirt Press

Manual T-Shirt PressIf you’ve ever been to a screen printing supply shop or a print shop then you have most likely seen a screen printing press. Most of these presses spin like a carousel and have rotating screen for different print stations. The technical term for these presses is a Manual Rotary Screen Printing Press. The MRSPP was created to help you efficiently print multiple colors per design. The rotating, carousel design can go either clock wise or counter clock wise depending on your dominant side of the body (right handed or left handed). Most right handed printers will push the stations to the left. The examples given below will be based on this left, clock wise motion for a 4 color, 4 station print.

You will need to set up 4 different stations: a print station, a flash cure station, and 2 stations for the cool down. This type of layout will allow you to constantly be printing and layering on your colors/prints. The print station is where the screen printer will want to be standing and where the press will be operated from. This will be where you start and finish your job.

In the first station you will load your garment onto the platen and do your first screen print layer. Be sure to use a test pellon, to ensure that you have the ideal set up before using your purchased garment. When you push this platen to the left it will then come to the flash cure station. While your layer of ink is drying you will be able to begin the process again at your “home”, first station where you will load another garment and make your first screen print layer.

The flash curing process usually takes about as long as it takes you to load and print your first layer on the next garment and usually the additional time it takes to remove a finished shirt off of the platen and onto a belt dryer.

Once the garment has been cured you will move the platens to the left again which will set you up for another printing station (1st Cool Down Station). Allowing the garment time to cool down while you are busy doing your work at your “home” station.

When you move the machine to the left again the garment will be in the 2nd Cool Down Station, ensuring that the shirt is now allowed enough time to fully cool down before it is moved and printed on again. Sticking, and overly cured ink is usually avoided since the pallets will not be too hot.

This process continues to go around and around, while the screen printer stays put and just performs his job at his home station. Taking the time to unload shirts properly, reload shirts and to press the first layer of the design. This same technique is applied to the multiple head manual rotary system.

The print stations can rotate for not only multiple color prints, but for opacity on double prints, and a white underbase print for a 2 color job. It is best if you rotate the print stations the opposite way, so counter clockwise seems to work best for a right handed person who is swinging the pallets to the left.

Once you get into your grove and have practiced this system it runs smoothly and is very efficient. Like anything though it takes a few jobs to get into the rotation of things.

Odyssey 4 color 1 station thumb

WORKHORSE ODYSSEY BENCHTOP PRESS would be the manual press best suited for the example listed above. It is also one of our top selling products! Come into one of our 4 locations to try out this press in person!

Adhesive Powders

What are adhesive powders and when do you use them?

Adhesive powders are used when you do screen printing transfers, rather than a basic screen printed job.  It is easier for screen printers to screen print onto a transfer and then apply the transfer to whatever size t-shirt they need, rather than to screen print a lot of garments and then be stuck with wasted t-shirts that didn’t sell.  The kiosk’s at the mall use these screen printed transfers, as well as swap meets, carnivals, festivals, etc.

What are the different types of adhesive powders?

There are three different adhesive powders:

  1. Fine Adhesive Powders are used on more detailed designs, like high-definition graphics or images with fine lines and edges.
  2.  Medium AP’s are the most commonly used of the three powders.  They allow the adhesive powders to melt evenly when heat pressed while still keeping the integrity of the design.
  3. Course AP’s are the least commonly used and are best for larger designs.  Block images, large text, etc.



Call us today with any questions.  🙂

Mclogan Chemical Kits

Water-based Chemical Kit

Water-based Chemical Kit

Now you can purchase all of your favorite Mclogan screen printing chemicals in the Mclogan Starter Chemical Kits.  Great for screen printers new to screen printing that are looking for the materials they need or for our experienced printers who know and love the Mclogan products.  Purchase by clicking here and let us know if you have any questions.

Plastisol Kit includes

All products are in quarts

  • Mclogan Degreaser
  • Chromaline newest emulsion Chromatech WR
  • Mclogan Textile Press Wash
  • Mclogan Emulsion Remover
  • Mclogan Liquid Haze Remover
  • Mclogan Pallet Adhesive
  • R-Tape 2000 Solvent Blue Tape
  • Scrub pad handle
  • 3 interchangeable scrub pads
  • Block out pen

Water-Based Textile Kit Includes

All products are in quarts

  • McLogan Degreaser
  • Chromaline newest emulsion Chromatech WR
  • Mclogan Graphic Press Wash (Water-Based ink cleaner)
  • Mclogan Emulsion Remover
  • Mclogan Liquid Haze Remover
  • Mclogan Pallet Adhesive
  • R-Tape 2000 Solvent Blue Tape
  • Scrub pad handle
  • 3 interchangeable scrub pads
  • Water-based Block out pen

Graphics Kit includes

All products are in quarts

  • McLogan Degreaser
  • Autosol Plus 7000 Emulsion
  • Mclogan Graphic Press Wash (Solvent or Water-Base ink cleaner)
  • Mclogan Emulsion Remover
  • Mclogan Liquid Haze Remover
  • Mclogan Pallet Adhesive
  • R-Tape 2000 Solvent Blue Tape
  • Scrub pad hande
  • 3 interchangeable scrub pads
  • Mclogan Green Blockout




Product Spotlight: Gecko Flex Specialty Melt Material

Gecko Flex Specialty Melt Material is a new product and one that we are excited to introduce!  Gecko Melt is made for people trying to heat press low volume foil transfers.  Instead of having to screen print a smaller job, you can now cut the adhesive and heat press different colors of foil.  Gecko Melt is a clear adhesive where you can now use all textile foils in lots of different colors.  Foil transfers can be a valuable asset for any screen printer wanting to create an eye-catching graphic effect. It also makes an interesting alternative for applications that have reflective inks. Foil is a great way to accent any garment.






Save Money with Mclogan Screen Printing Chemicals

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 7.40.03 PM





Why choose Mclogan Chemicals?

Mclogan Chemicals are bought in large quantities from the top manufacturers to ensure that our customers are getting the lowest possible prices, but still the highest quality products that they are used to.  In this blog we will highlight each chemical, how to use it and how these chemicals are the exact same as some of the brands you may be using.

  • Mclogan Screen Opener is the same product as the Sprayway 957 Instant Screen Opener; use this spray to unclog your screens.  This can happen when you screen print where your ink may begin to dry and get clogged in the mesh.  Some screen printers also use this product to clean their squeegees.
  • Mclogan Flash Adhesive (Super Flash Adhesive 384) when doing multiple color printing jobs flash adhesive is the best chemical to use when you flash your different colors.  Regular adhesive will start to break down during an 8-10 second flash, which can move your shirt and then the colors/image will not line up correctly.
  • Mclogan Spray Adhesive this is mainly for single color screen printing, or if you needed to secure your paper stock.
  • Mclogan Degreaser product made by CCI.  This is your FIRST step in screen printing to ensure that your screen is free of all grease before you put on your emulsion.  Emulsion will not stick to any type of oil or grease.  This degreaser is a concentrated liquid that will make 2 gallons per 1 gallon of degreaser.
  • Mclogan Emulsion Remover Concentrate product by CCI.  This is another concentrated liquid that will make 4 gallons per 1 gallon emulsion remover.  After you are done screen printing use this emulsion remover concentrate to remove your emulsion.  This will ensure that your screen is ready for it’s next job and application of the Mclogan Degreaser.
  • Mclogan Textile Press Wash this product is made by CCI as an eco friendly citrus smelling screen wash.  Prevent build up of plastisol inks on your screens with this wash, to ensure that you don’t stain your screen or get ghostlike images from your image print.
  • Mclogan Screen Wash (Fast Open 032 Water Based Screen Opener) Aerosol can used for a fast and easy clean up after screen printing with water based inks such as Mazdar 9500 Series, Matsui 301 Series and Permaset Inks.  You can not clean a screen with water that you’ve used for water based screen printing…it just doesn’t work.

Add these cost effective chemicals into your shops and let us know if you have any questions.