McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kits

Screen Printing Starter Kit

The McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kit is finally here! We’ve been working hard the past few months on getting these amazing kits ready and we can’t wait to share them with you. Whether you are wanting to start your own screen printing business, or looking to print a few shirts as a hobby; this is the best universal kit for everyone. McLogan has hand picked all of our top selling, reliable, eco-friendly products and equipment and placed them into one kit. We’ve designed the perfect start up shop from a one color professional screen printing press, mesh wood screen, all the chemicals needed, tools, bulbs, instructional manual, and a DVD.

Screen Shot of The McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kit

What’s Inside The McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kit Box:

  • 1-One Color Professional Screen Printing Press 
  • 1-19×22 160 Mesh Wood Screen – A larger screen than seen in other kits, so you can screen print larger images
  • 1-Tekamar TBHV Pallet Adhesive With Applicator
  • 10-Mclogan Waterproof Film 8.5×11 – To print on your ink jet printer for your film positive
  • 1-14″ Emusion Scoop Coater – To evenly apply a perfect coat of emulsion
  • 1-8oz Chromatech WR Emulsion
  • 1-13″ Squeegee
  • 1-8oz Franmar Degeaser – For cleaning screens
  • 1-8oz Franmar Emulsion Remover
  • 2-Scrub Pads
  • 1-8oz Matsui Black Ink – Top brand ink to ensure that you get the best print possible
  • 10-Ultimate Clean Up Cards – Disposable cards for scraping and scooping, making your job so much easier
  • 1-Darkroom Light Safe Bulb
  • 1-Screen Exposure Bulb
  • 1-Instruction Manual – Step-by-step manual that explains how to set up, create, expose and print your first shirt
  • 1-Instructional DVD

We look forward to introducing screen printing to you! The McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kit will make all the steps along the way so easy.  Create your own brand, have some fun and start making money through screen printing.

Screen Shot of The McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kit box

Roland GX-24 Desktop Vinyl Cutter

Roland GX-24 Desktop Vinyl CutterRoland cutters to get the job done.  In addition to legendary reliability, the CAMM-1 Servo GX-24 desktop vinyl cutter combines precision cutting with ease of use.  Powered by a digital servomotor, it achieves cutting speeds up to 20 inches per second with maximum accuracy.  Vehicle graphics, signs, decals, labels, stencils, pin-striping and heat transfers come out looking crisp and clean.  Whether you are small business owner, a mom looking to do party decor/DIY projects or a screen printing shop wanting to do athletic jerseys this is your machine!

 This machine is one of our top selling products because it is highly reliable and easy to use.  The Roland GX-24 Desktop Vinyl Cutter has a LCD panel on the front for easy viewing and navigation.  There is also a blade groove on its apron for easy manual cutting.  A sheet roller base is included with each GX-24 Cutter to help keep media feeding straight through.  Roland Stands are also available from McLogan.

  • From 2 to 27.5 inches wide, the CAMM-1 Servo GX-24 accepts a wide range of materials. It cuts sign vinyl, paint mask, reflective/clothing vinyls, twill, heat transfer, and sandblast material.
  • The CAMM-1 Servo GX-24 includes an optical registration system that automatically recognizes desktop printer crop marks and aligns media to create a powerful and cost-effective print and cut solution.
  • The speed and precision with a CAMM-1 Servo GX-24 is to be expected with a Roland plotter.  The Roland GX-24 uses a digital servomotor to achieve maximum accuracy and cutting speeds up to 20 inches per second.  The desktop cutter also features a curve-smoothing function that allows precise cutting even at high speeds.  The result is faster production and more professional looking graphics.

McLogan has 2 Roland technical support guys that are ready to help you to purchase a plotter or if you have questions.  Contact Jett at our Chatsworth location 818-718-0888, or Danny at our Anaheim location 714-999-1194.

Roland Printer Cutter BN 20 – Powerful, Profit Producing, Easy

With the Roland Printer Cutter BN 20,  Roland has taken everything that makes a Roland printer great and packed it into one powerful, profit-producing package.  Not only does this machine cut, but it prints with award-winning mild solvent inks.  The Roland Printer Cutter BN 20 makes your media options endless, whether you are printing with metallic inks or white ink.  This one machine can be used as a t-shirt printing press, a sign making machine, or both and all from your own computer.

Roland Printer Cutter BN 20

The Roland BN 20 utilizes the same advanced print technology as Roland’s VersaCAMM VS series.  The new piezo inkjet head prints up to 1440 dpi using variable droplet technology with seven precise droplet sizes to optimize image quality.  Roland Intelligent Pass Control™ Technology delivers exceptional quality prints with smoother gradations, richer density and deeper image saturation for photographic and vector output.  Best of all, the print technology is built to last.  The gold-plated head reduces static, preventing clogging, and a patent-pending wiper system decreases wear and tear on the print head and prolongs its life by reducing buildup.

  • Create custom labels, stickers, or graphics for any occasion or product.  Metallic Silver Eco-Sol MAX inks can be printed as a spot color for vibrant silver text/graphics.

Roland Printer Cutter BN 20 from McLogan Supply  

  •  Roland’s print-cut technology is great for a one-step seamless production cycle for window signs.

Decal produced on the Roland Printer Cutter BN 20

  • No Roland has ever been easier to use.  The BN-20 functions through VersaStudio utility software.  The software package is actively open in Windows task bar and controls basic machine functions, status and calibrations.  This software also monitors replacement of consumable parts like the blades and wipers.
  • The bundled design software comes with your Roland Printer Cutter BN 20.  Once you purchase your BN 20 you will also get the VersaStudio complete with R-Works, an easy to use design package created by Roland.  It allows you to import stock photos or your own personal photos, create original layouts with text, and edit custom print and cut graphics. Some people design in Photoshop or Illustrator and then bring their image into VersaStudio, but that is just a preference and not always necessary.
  • A Vector art library is also on R-Works to help get you designing with stock images.

All Roland Printers come with a 2 year warranty and certain McLogan employees are specifically trained in dealing with all Roland products. Call Jett today at 818-718-0888 or Danny 715-999-1194 to schedule a meeting to view and use this Roland Printer Cutter.

Day Glo

Day Glo is a top selling product for us here at Mclogan.  If you aren’t familiar with Day Glo and the different types of series here’s some information:

DayGlo 215 Series Screamin’ Paint is premium fluorescent solvent-based brushing paint.  This product is used for short term, bright signage.  This enamel paint is not water based, therefore can be used in a variety of applications that are exposed to the elements.  Applications can be anywhere that requires high visibility brushing paints such as navigational aids, safety markings, equipment, machinery, fire protection equipment, first aid kits, traffic controls, boats, buoys, docks, and life saving equipment.  The 215 must have a white base to be at it’s brightest.  Two coats are recommended and to extend the life of the colors we recommend the 215-08 Filter Ray (clear top coat), just brush it over the color.


The Day Glo WAW (waterbased paint) Series is a premium fluorescent water-based brushing pain.  The WAW Tempera Paint is suitable for application on posters, show-cards, layouts, and displays. It is especially useful for short-term exterior displays such as signs on glass windows and automobiles. It has excellent adhesion to display materials such as paper, cardboard, glass, and many plastic foams.  One of the primary uses of this product is for window decorations and displays.  This product is NOT water/rain proof and the user must determine the suitability of the application, desired coats and you may want to add the clear coat to help preserve the display.  A white base coat is recommended so that the product is at it’s brightest.

DCF 1.0

All Day Glo products work under black lights, so the uses and applications are endless.  Let your imagination go and the Day Glo color will definitely enhance and brighten your next project!


McLogan Manufacturers Spotlight – A Guide to Avery Vinyl for Signage & Vehicle Wraps

Avery Vinyl from McLogan SupplyAvery Vinyl products can help eliminate the confusion in the market today due to the variety of vinyl available. They make a variety of vinyls that  are used for vehicle wraps, making signs and for digital graphics and come are available in different qualities, colors and prices.

Here are some of the main types and uses are:

Calendered Vinyl:

Calendered vinyl is the most economical and has a relatively short lifespan. When liquid vinyl is poured into a mold, it is stretched to make it even. The stretching reduces durability, it is prone to cracking, and the color fades faster. This type of Avery Vinyl is used for mobile advertisements on the roads such as banners and billboards. This vinyl lasts 1-5 years depending on how it is used.

Intermediate Vinyl:

This intermediate Avery Vinyl is a mid-quality grained vinyl.  It is very durable and can last up to five years before it starts to fade and crack. This vinyl is typically used for car stickers, decals, signage and banners . However, constant exposure to the weather can cause buckles and bubbles to form in the vinyl. This vinyl is also a calendered vinyl so it is best suited to flat surfaces and not recommended for uneven or contour surfaces.

Cast Vinyl:

Avery Vehicle VinylAs the best Avery Vinyl of the three, cast vinyl can be used for any type of surface. This vinyl is only 2 millimeters thick. Whether it is a flat or a contour surface, cast vinyl easily molds to all surfaces. This is the most popular Avery Vinyl and is highly recommended for decals and vehicle wraps. It adheres very well to all kinds of rivets.

Avery cast vinyl is highly resistant to water, heat and extreme weather and is the preferred vehicle wrap for cars, trucks and boats due to its excellent conformity to non-flat surfaces. Cast vinyl is sturdy and long lasting, typically good for 7+ years .

Avery vinyl also comes in range of specialty films including:

  • Avery Supreme Wrapping Film.  This film has a paint-like finish and is dazzling in appearance. The durable film is easy to install and molds easily over contoured surfaces.

  • Avery 1100 High Visibility Reflective Film. This film is cost-effective and enhances visibility during the day and at night. It has a high quality glossy finish and is best suited for billboard advertisements. It is resistant to heat, humidity and UV rays.

Avery Vinyl offers many different types of vinyl. Some are highly visible. Some are longer lasting. Some appear shiny and glossy, and some have a matt finish. Avery has a vinyl to suit your needs and your budget.

McLogan Supply offers a full line of fine Avery Vinyls and is happy to answer questions about how to best use and apply.