Workhorse Screen Printing Equipment

Mclogan Supply has recently partnered with Workhouse Products and we are thrilled to be able to offer such high quality screen printing equipment to our customers. Workhorse prides itself in offering screen printers with durable, well designed machines that are by far the best on the market. Everything from their manufacturing, engineering and production teams involve creating products that are built to last, well thought out designs and made to perform.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 8.08.43 PM

Workhorse Products have been manufacturing screen printing equipment for over 30 years. It’s their commitment to providing their customers with high quality machines and their valued dealer relationships that have thousands of screen printers choosing Workhorse as the top manufacturer in the industry.

Mclogan’s is excited to now sell ALL Workhorse Screen Printing Products. Packages start from The Odyssey Series, which is for start up business, to The Mach Series designed especially for professionals. Conveyor Dyers, Exposure Units and even Automatic Screen Printing Presses will now be offered online and in all 4 stores.

Come into Mclogan LA and test out The Mach Series in our classroom to see why Workhorse on the market.

Film Output Systems

Film Output Systems are an essential key to any screen printing shop. It’s this major step that allows you to transfer your artwork to the screen. When you have turned your design into a film positive, you will print it with black ink on clear waterproof film. This positive print will block out the light during the exposure process. If you don’t have a clean, dark film positive you will lose the crisp, clean look of your design. The darker your positive the better the image will wash out on your screen, and this is why your film output system is crucial.

Epson printers are the best printers on the market! These printers will ensure a dark ink positive and come with AccuRIP software. Since these printers only print black ink they are fast, reliable, and can print halftones. Below are the Epson Film Output Packages that we recommend at Mclogan’s:

Epson 1430 All Black Ink Film Output Package  The 1430 can print 13 inches wide and comes with 6 black ink cartridges, AccuRIP software and 200 sheets of waterproof film. Easy to set up, and affordable while still offering Epson’s amazing quality prints.

Epson 490o All Black Ink Film Output Package  This 17 inch wide printer comes with AccuRIP Pearl, 11 cartridges of black ink, waterproof film and free shipping.

Epson T-3270 Output Package  The new SureColor T-Series printer deliver presentation quality print at 24 inches wide. Copy, scan and the share feature are best-in-class speeds saving you time and money.  Paired with AccuRip Black Pearl SE to create an amazing output printer for automatic press printing shops. 24 inch by 100 ft roll of waterproof film also comes with this package.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 7.53.20 PM

Call Mclogan Supply today to speak to a sales associate and start printing your positive the right way!

Screen Printing Class 101: Films

Films are another topic covered in McLogan’s Academy Screen Printing 101 ClassesFor great washout results you need to have a film positive that blocks out 100%  UV from the exposure source. Inkjet printers are your best bet for inkjet film, since the printer will spray the ink onto your film as dense as need be for a clear image. We suggest using a dye-based ink for your printer since it tends to be impenetrable. The Epson 1430 is the most affordable printer made and they also sell all black ink cartridge system that will help your positive be even darker.
Let’s Talk Films

Waterproof: Waterproof film is the most commonly used film in the industry. It is a 4m film that is highly absorbent, allowing the film to really absorb the ink ensuring for a dark image. Its medium weight combined with a wide color gamut makes this the perfect choice for color separations.

Standard Inkjet: Inkjet film can be used for some of the older printers. This film is more affordable, but for some of the people newer to screen printing it is harder to get a dark image.

Laser Film: Just for laser printers. It’s thick and made to resist heat.

screen printing film

The cleaner, and darker your positive the easier the rest of your screen printing process will be when washing out the image. If 100% of the UV is not blocked out then you will deal with over exposure and you’ll have to use a pressure washer to clean off the emulsion.

Come take McLogan’s Academy Screen Printing 101 and learn all the expert tricks to turn your dreams into a brand.

McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kits

Screen Printing Starter Kit

The McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kit is finally here! We’ve been working hard the past few months on getting these amazing kits ready and we can’t wait to share them with you. Whether you are wanting to start your own screen printing business, or looking to print a few shirts as a hobby; this is the best universal kit for everyone. McLogan has hand picked all of our top selling, reliable, eco-friendly products and equipment and placed them into one kit. We’ve designed the perfect start up shop from a one color professional screen printing press, mesh wood screen, all the chemicals needed, tools, bulbs, instructional manual, and a DVD.

Screen Shot of The McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kit

What’s Inside The McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kit Box:

  • 1-One Color Professional Screen Printing Press 
  • 1-19×22 160 Mesh Wood Screen – A larger screen than seen in other kits, so you can screen print larger images
  • 1-Tekamar TBHV Pallet Adhesive With Applicator
  • 10-Mclogan Waterproof Film 8.5×11 – To print on your ink jet printer for your film positive
  • 1-14″ Emusion Scoop Coater – To evenly apply a perfect coat of emulsion
  • 1-8oz Chromatech WR Emulsion
  • 1-13″ Squeegee
  • 1-8oz Franmar Degeaser – For cleaning screens
  • 1-8oz Franmar Emulsion Remover
  • 2-Scrub Pads
  • 1-8oz Matsui Black Ink – Top brand ink to ensure that you get the best print possible
  • 10-Ultimate Clean Up Cards – Disposable cards for scraping and scooping, making your job so much easier
  • 1-Darkroom Light Safe Bulb
  • 1-Screen Exposure Bulb
  • 1-Instruction Manual – Step-by-step manual that explains how to set up, create, expose and print your first shirt
  • 1-Instructional DVD

We look forward to introducing screen printing to you! The McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kit will make all the steps along the way so easy.  Create your own brand, have some fun and start making money through screen printing.

Screen Shot of The McLogan Screen Printing Starter Kit box

McLogan at the Imprinted Sportswear Show: It’s the ISS Show Long Beach 2016

McLogan will be at the Imprinted Sportswear Show 2016 in Long Beach, CA

The next Imprinted Sportswear Show (ISS Show) is almost here!

January 22-24th, 2016, Long Beach, CA; visit McLogan’s booth #465.

We are so excited to debut all this at the show:

  • New Screen Printing Starter Kit; All-in-one starter kit can teach anyone how to screen print. Best news is everything you need to print comes in one box!
  • Monthly Screen Printing Classes; Learn how to screen print, with hands on, interactive lessons, led by Ross Hunter in our new education room. Artwork, burning a screen, printing and what not to do, so that you can run a thriving business.
  • Thermotron Heat Presses; The most affordable heat press on the market. Come see why we have been selling these machines like crazy!
  • Live screen printing of Permaset Waterbased inks on Friday;
  • Screen printing with International Coatings Plastisol inks on Saturday;
  • NFL Football game on Sunday at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Come to the ISS show to see why we pride ourselves in having the most personal, and knowledgeable staff to help you with your new or current business. Our business is a success, because of all of you; so come chat with us and see all the new products we have to offer. See you at ISS!



New Product: Thermotron Heat Presses

Thermotron Heat Presses are great additions to any sign supply, screen printing shop, or graphic design business.  With 6 different presses to choose from, there’s sure to be one perfect press for your business needs.  All presses come with a digital LCD screen that reads as a timer, counter, and thermostat!

9×12 Hobby Swing Press: This is the perfect start up press from someone doing smaller scale transfers.

Hat Press:  For all your hat transfer needs, this is the best press on the market.

Odyssey 15×15 Clamshell: Medium scale transfers and t-shirt heat press.

Odyssey 16×20 Clamshell: Large scale transfers for t-shirts and sublimation.

15×15 Swing Away:  Medium scale transfers with the swing away option so that it’s easy to print without burning yourself.

16×20 Swing Away:  Large scale with swing away movement.

Aside from Thermotron designing great products that are stainless steel and solid steel, their warranty is reassuring.

1. Free life-time technical support on all heat press.
2. One-year warranty on entire heat press machine.
3. Two-year warranty on castings, welds.
4. Three-year warranty on heating plate.

Come visit us today to try out one of these presses!


Screen Printing Process Made Easier

When you are newer to the screen printing industry you learn as you go; and as with most things in life you learn from your mistakes. Mclogan’s is here to help! Here are a few tips to help you with your screen printing jobs.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 7.50.35 PM

  1. Don’t throw out previous films!  This seems to be a big mistake for a lot of our customers.  Once your films have been burned save them, and re-burn them when needed. Create a filing system that is in alphabetical order.  That way you can save your films by company name, for easy retrieval.
  2. Fix your screens and films. If there are minor mistakes on your burned screens just plug the small meshed section with a block out pen or tape. If your film has a blemish use a sharpie and hide the minor errors.  Be sure that you can not see light through your sharpie colored strokes, to ensure a clean burn.
  3. Delegate the screen printing process.  Have one person laying out t-shirts, while the other person can be responsible for the print.  This is easiest to do when you have at least a two station press like the Hopkins BWM 4 Color 4 Station Convertible.
  4. Use Pellons and Pallet Tape. Pellons are used for all test prints, to ensure that your design is as it should be.  These pellons are available in both black and white to align your design and find pin-holes before you start your garment printing.  Pallet Tape (R-Tape) is also known as application tape for the industry and it’s a great way to protect your pallets. Pallet tape will also speed up the cleaning process at the end of the day, by not having to clean the adhesive off the pallets.
  5. Make the ordering process for your customers as easy as possible.  Offer your prices online, as well as online ordering.  This will save you time and then you will also not have to deal with so much paperwork.  Make sure your customers know that they will have a 1-2 week window where they can get re-prints at a cheaper price.  Plan on saving your burned screens for 1-2 weeks, and it will save you time and your clients money on the set up fees.
  6. Become friends with the Flip Fold!  This handy gadget makes folding your shirts so easy and professional looking.
  7. Use the right mesh count.  For more info about this click here.

We hope these steps help you and if you have any questions give us a call!

SGIA Golden Image Award


Congratulations to Kieth Stevens on winning SGIA’s prestigious Golden Image Award for his “Peace” fine arts print!  Mclogan supplied almost all of the materials shown below to help Kieth with his amazing design!

Below are some pictures of the design process as well as materials used.


Lithco Registration Tabs helped to register all the different colors used.  There were 16 Permaprint colors used.


Each color separation was hand-painted using brush and a glitter/clear acrylic medium (Permaprint Clear) onto a clear Mylar film. 30% 0.008 Glitter to base ratio was used.


For each color used Kieth had to create a screen.  In this pic you can see he chose to do a pink screen, then an orange, blue, green and yellow.


Three screens of varying exposure strengths were created from each of the five hand-painted positives, 15 color screens plus one for the black background were made.


Each of the three screens per color were printed exactly on top of each other with varying color strengths (20%, 60%, and 100%) to give depth and complexity to each color. No micro registration system was used.


The amount of time, and creativity that went into this design is completely inspiring and deserving of an award.   Congrats to Kieth Stevens, who is the Western regional sales manager for International Coatings!




ISS Long Beach 2015 Show Coming in January!!!


Meet the Mclogans’ team at the ISS Long Beach 2015 Show from January 16-18th.

WhereLong Beach Convention Center

When: January 16-18th

What: “ISS trade shows bring together buyers, suppliers and manufacturers in screen printing, embroidery and graphic design. The shows are filled with exhibitors ranging from apparel screen printing equipment, multi-head embroidery machines, direct-to-garment printing options, heat-applied rhinestone designs, neon inks, performance stretch inks, sublimation equipment and much more.”

Why:  Come visit us for our “Show Sale Prices” and for free giveaways.  Mclogans will be in booths 556 and 557.

Our digital booth will be in 556 where we will be showing off Graphtec Vinyl Cutters, Roland Vinyl Print/Cut, Stahls Heat Presses and Thermotron Heat Presses.

Booth 557 will be our screen printing booth.  We will have Hopkins BWM Screen Printing Presses, Permaset Waterbased Inks, International Coatings Inks, and Triangle Plastisol Inks.


We hope to see you there!


We look forward to seeing you!

How To Clean Your Emulsion Off Your Screen Printing Screen

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 7.56.50 PMProperly cleaning your screen is essential not only for your screen printing jobs, but also for the life of your screen.

Here’s quick step by step instructions on how to properly clean emulsion off your screen.

  1. Remove the excess ink off of your screen.  Feel free to use whatever you have handy for this process…sponge, piece of cardboard, etc.
  2. Use a red Mclogan Scrub Pad, spray your Mclogan Emulsion Remover Concentrate onto the front and back of the screen.  Scrub remover-022414both sides.
  3. Rinse with water.  A high pressure washer is recommended.

*If you have any stubborn ink stains or traces of emulsion, after relcaiming your screen printing screen  use a liquid haze remover.  Spray this haze remover onto your screen, let it sit for a few minutes and then take a clean red Mclogan Scrub Pad and scrub until your screen is clean. Pressure washer reccommended

Now your screen is ready for  your next job.

We look forward to hearing from you with any questions.