Correctly Drying Emulsions

Some screen printers may not fully understand the importance of correctly drying the emulsions before exposure. This mainly effects the longevity of your stencil. It can be a bit confusing with dual cure and single cure diazo, so read below and start curing correctly.

  1. Degrease your screen, coat your screen and then allow it to dry horizontally with the print facing down. In any direct stencil work, prior to exposure, the diazo sensitizer is separate from the polymer chains.
  2. During exposure the diazo sensitizer creates cross bonds to the polymer chains and the emulsion gets it to strengthen.
  3. The screen must be completely dry before you expose it, otherwise the sensitizer will react with the water molecules rather than the polymer. The sensitizer will seem to get used up either way, you just want it to be used reacting with the polymer and not water.
  4. The increase of water will be hard on the stencil as well causing it to break down faster.

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