International Coatings Plastisol Whites

Screen printers rely on a range of high quality white plastisols, but someone newer to the industry might be confused as to which white will work best for their job. McLogan Supply offers 6 different white plastisols from International Coatings that are incredibly reliable and easy to screen print with. Here are the different plastisol whites for screen printers and what they specialize in achieving:

  • Performance Pro White #7113 is the newest white plastisol out. It was developed for 100% polyester garments. This white is bleed resistant and has amazing stretching properties. The texture is creamy which will allow screen printers to use mesh counts up to 305. This ink cures at 285-300 degrees F.  This is one of the most versatile, fast flashing and durable inks that we carry at McLogan.
  • Polyester White #741 designed to block dye migration on various polyester fabrics. This ink is multi-purposeful since it can also be used to screen print on 100% cotton, cotton/polyester, and 100% polyester. The ideal mesh count is from 60-110 and the curing temperature is 325 degrees F.
  • Classic White #711 is one of the most popular plastisol (thermoplastic: PVC) inks. It is non-phthalate, high pigmentation, low tack and it also flashes quickly. Classic white will work on most basic fabrics and the suitable mesh counts range from 60-230.  The curing temperature is 325 degrees F. This ink is not recommended for reducing.
  • Legacy White #7014 an exceptional white plastisol that is low bleed, high pigmentation, fast flashing, low tack, and non-phthalate. This ink works best for manual and automatic presses since the ink is a smooth consistency. Screen mesh count from 60-230, and the cure temp is 325 degrees F.
  • Ultra White #7031 is the perfect ink for high performance printing. It differs from the other inks in that it is short bodied and very opaque. It works very well as an initial print for darker fabrics. This ink was designed for fine detail printing, halftone printing, and for higher definition prints. Works well on 100% cotton and 50/50 blends. Screen mesh is anywhere from 110-305, with a curing temperature of 325 degrees F.
  • Cotton White #7038HP is the ink for 100% cotton textile wear. It is one of the easiest inks to print with and is phthalate compliant. The curing temperature is 325 degrees F.
  • International Coatings’™ new 3822 Destructo™ White special effects ink is also available.
  • Interested in High Density Specialty Plastisol inks work with Screen Printing?

Hopefully this helps you purchase the white plastisol that is the best for your job.  Please call or write us today if you have additional questions!

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