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“Additives & Reducers” Seminar

You’ve seen those additives and reducers but been to afraid to try them out?
Or wondered how to effectively use them?
Then come to our next seminar, scheduled for April 15, 2015.
We’ll go over some common additives, like Suede/Dulling, Stretch, Puff, Low-Cure and  Reducers and Catalysts.
Come with your questions – our print experts will be on hand to answer them.
Please Note:  We only cover textile screen printing topics.

starter kit
Perf Pro 3
Educational and Hands-On


Learn how to use inks and all your printing implements as tools to get great results when printing on various substrates.

Technical Q&A
How can I print ____?
What tools do I need for ___? What equipment do I need?
Got questions?  Bring your technical, ink, production, or process questions to this session and we’ll address them.
Additives and Reducers


When do I use additives and which reducer do I use?  What types of additives should I have on hand in my shop?  Find out more in our workshop.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015
10 am – 2 pm
International Coatings Headquarters
13929 E. 166th St.
Cerritos, CA 90703
Alternate Registration: Email or call
Juke Leman (562) 926-1010 x 347 to register.

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