SGIA Golden Image Award


Congratulations to Kieth Stevens on winning SGIA’s prestigious Golden Image Award for his “Peace” fine arts print!  Mclogan supplied almost all of the materials shown below to help Kieth with his amazing design!

Below are some pictures of the design process as well as materials used.


Lithco Registration Tabs helped to register all the different colors used.  There were 16 Permaprint colors used.


Each color separation was hand-painted using brush and a glitter/clear acrylic medium (Permaprint Clear) onto a clear Mylar film. 30% 0.008 Glitter to base ratio was used.


For each color used Kieth had to create a screen.  In this pic you can see he chose to do a pink screen, then an orange, blue, green and yellow.


Three screens of varying exposure strengths were created from each of the five hand-painted positives, 15 color screens plus one for the black background were made.


Each of the three screens per color were printed exactly on top of each other with varying color strengths (20%, 60%, and 100%) to give depth and complexity to each color. No micro registration system was used.


The amount of time, and creativity that went into this design is completely inspiring and deserving of an award.   Congrats to Kieth Stevens, who is the Western regional sales manager for International Coatings!




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